CALL TO ACTION: Rise with Palestine! Protest with GUPS on 10/15 in SF

We, the Palestinian Youth Movement-USA chapter (PYM), 12141043_10207873630300048_158662789309508046_ojoin the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) and call on all Palestinian youth and our allies to defend our homeland and support the steadfastness of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. The Zionist bombardment on Al-Aqsa mosque, mass youth arrests, continuous displacement, home demolitions, and vigilante settler violence has taken the lives of four Palestinians in the last three days and left over 500 injured. In response to the immense surge of Zionist aggression in Palestine, we in the Palestinian Diaspora must recognise that our peoples resistance is a mandatory element of maintaining survival, bonds to land, to society and to surviving in the face of an ongoing project of ethnic cleansing. But they cannot do it alone.

The intersections of IDF military enforcement, settler encroachment, and a complacent  Palestinian leadership who are serving as the gatekeepers to occupation and no longer the forerunners of the liberation project, culminate to ensure the suppression of resistance and the acceleration of ethnic cleansing. However, we as Palestinian youth must assume our full rights and responsibilities to defend our people and our land and take action wherever we are. We must give to and sacrifice for our struggle. We must recognize the gross violations of human rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as part of an ongoing Zionist settler-colonial logic and system that works to erase us from land and history. It takes form through the implementation of racial caste system, apartheid policies and structures, militarized policing and occupation, the destabilization of the broader region and suppression of the regional masses. In addition Zionist advancements in an industry of oppression has made the Zionist entity a leader in the global market of war-making, outsourcing technologies and tactics of repression, surveillance and militarization.

PYM-USA call’s on the youth to mobilise in response to the violence not only of today, but of its infinite intent. We call on our members and youth in the Diaspora to mobilise in our local communities and universities and to continue to bring the Palestinian struggle for liberation to the fore front, illuminating not only the current atrocities in our homeland but the brilliant display of resistance and resilience our people in the homeland continue to demonstrate day in and out. Action can manifest in a multitude of ways including but not limited to staging protests, teach ins, workshops and discussing the current developments in Palestine in all open forums. For students, we encourage you to join the “International Campus Day of Action for Palestine” on October 14, 2015.