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The Palestinian Youth Movement (“PYM”) is a transnational, independent, grassroots movement of young Palestinians in Palestine and in exile worldwide as a, result of the ongoing Zionist colonization and occupation of our homeland. Our belonging to Palestine and our aspirations for justice and liberation motivate us to assume an active role as a young generation in our national struggle for the liberation of our homeland and people. Irrespective of our different political, cultural and social backgrounds, we strive to revive a tradition of pluralistic commitment toward our cause to ensure a better future, characterized by freedom and justice on a social and political level, for ourselves and subsequent generations.

PYM USA Statement on the arrest of Rasmea Odeh – November, 2013

The Palestinian Youth Movement in the United States condemns the charges drawn against Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh. Odeh is a distinguished and highly respected leader of our community in Chicago, and we see her arrest as part of a larger systematic aggression against our people in the diaspora and our homeland in Palestine.

We know that this arrest is politically motivated, and like other charges and harassment of our community members, this lawsuit only attempts to silence and intimidate our mobilization efforts and any form of civic engagement for our communities. This arrest directly threatens our communities by attempting to stigmatize Odeh’s legacy along with the legacy of many of our elders in order to move us away from continuing our struggle for justice and liberation. The perceived threat that Odeh poses has been manufactured in such a way that bears resemblance to the McCarthyist trials of the 1950s. Rasmea Odeh is and has been a principled activist, role model and educator to generations of Palestinian and Arab American youth in the U.S. That her name and work is now being subject to such a smear campaign should only lead us to question why she is being targeted, and more specifically, why did the Department of Homeland Security choose to single her out now when she has been a naturalized citizen for more than two decades?

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PYM Commemorates 65 Years of Al Nakba – introduction

The fifteenth of May 2013 marks the sixty-fifth commemoration of the day the oppressive Zionist state came into being. It also marks sixty-five years from the beginning of our collective fragmentation and simultaneous resistance. This current period that we are living also marks a significant shift in our history not only as Palestinians, but as Arabs, colonized, and young people of today’s world. While there are strong sentiments of brokenness and rupture of Palestinian and Arab communities, we also must recognize, reflect on, and celebrate our histories of resistance and use these narratives as fuel for creating a new and strong resistance for our generation and those that follow. While this current period might be among the most difficult to navigate, it also creates flexibility and possibilities for a creative resurgence of a legacy that will lead us to our liberation and return. Read more

The Road to Liberation

Yesterday Palestine was recognized as a nonmember observer state in the United Nations, some Palestinian voices remind us that this “victory” tastes more like a bitter defeat.

The bid-for-statehood initiative was an imposition and disregarded all the internal criticism that it has received. It was hailed to be a new step in our people’s long march towards achieving our political ambitions. However, we must pause and consider, what are these ambitions? And how does this step serve our national project? Read more